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Our service is comprised of the accompanied and unaccompanied transport of both partial and complete loads of diverse products from Belgium to Germany and from Germany, France, Luxemburg to United Kingdom and vice versa.

These shipments currently include car parts, electronics, household equipment, foodstuffs and paper products.

For project loads, such as the transport of steel structures, we have trailers with a sliding roof that enables the problem-free use of a crane while loading and unloading.

Our trailer fleet is comprised of 13.63m trailers with special features such as sliding roofs and cantilever roofs. The trailers have pneumatic suspension, tensioning straps and an integrated securing system to provide maximum security for the load.

The trailers are subjected to regular technical inspections to keep them in good condition and thereby to continue to guarantee a safe crossing for your products.




* Accompanied and unaccompanied transport to Continent / United Kingdom

* Short transit times for full loads

* Express consignments with JUST-IN-TIME deliveries

* Neutral collections and deliveries are guaranteed

* Transport of conventional and hazardous goods according to the operative terms


Inside lenght: 13 m 63,5 cm

Width inside: 2 m 48 cm

Loadhight inside when the trailer gets loaded from the side: 2 m 68 cm

Loadhight inside when the trailer gets loaded from the back: 2 m 71 cm

The roof of the trailer can open to the front (wheels installed)

Maximum weight: 39.000 kg

The trailer has 2 rear aluminium doors with 4 closemechanismes

On each side there are 4 rows of wooden sideboards attached (total 32)

In the floor of the trailer there are 13 places (with rings) to attach straps over the loaded goods

Each trailer has 8 straps on in standard equipment



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